Teachers as Writers Contest

AETA would like to extend an invitation to share your writing. We write to model a writer’s life for our students, we write to express ourselves because we find complexity and beauty both inside and outside of the classroom, and we write because it is one of the most cherished intellectual endeavors. Share your writing with AETA by joining the annual Teachers as Writers Contest.

TAW flyer June 2018
ELIGIBILITY This contest is open to English language arts teachers at all levels, as well as to administrators, specialists and graduate students within the field. Current membership in AETA is a requirement for entry.
ENTRIES Entrants are limited to one entry in each of the three categories. Entries should comply with the maximum length requirements:
Poetry (120 lines) Short story (3000 words) Nonfiction prose (3000 words)
AWARDS DEADLINE AUGUST 1 Winning entries will be honored during the Fall Conference. Additionally, the winners will be published in an upcoming issue of the Arizona English Bulletin.
To enter the AETA Teachers as Writers Contest:

1. Include a cover page with your name, the title of the entry, the genre (poetry, short story, or nonfiction prose), your work/cell/home number, and your email address.

2. Double space all entries (except poetry).

3. Include “TAW Contest” in the subject line of the email. Email submissions to: Sylvia Vega: sgvdanndy@hotmail.com