ANNUAL STATEWIDE CONFERENCE–Saturday, September 22, 2018

Chandler-Gilbert Community College




Conference Theme: Let Freedom Read!

Keynote Speaker: Jeff Zentner, author of Goodbye Days and The Serpent King, winner of ALAN’s Amelia Walden Award



  1. Presenter(s) Information.

Include name(s), title, school affiliation, mailing address, and all contact information (home phone, work phone, cell, email).  If you are part of a group presentation, all correspondence is sent to the first presenter’s name.  Please keep your colleagues informed as correspondence continues.  In accordance with professional tradition, all presenters must register for the conference.


  1. Type of Session:


  1. a) Group presentation—50 minutes shared amongst all presenters
  2. b) Individual presentation—the program committee will put two to three presenters together in one session along the lines of a similar theme/approach


  1. Session Title:

Suggested Strand:       Writing      Reading/Literature      College & Career Readiness    General

Suggested Level:          Primary     Intermediate/Middle                   Middle/Senior High                          College


Suggested Theme: Our theme of Let Freedom Read! is not a mandate for content. As English teachers, we are equally concerned with the freedom to write, think and debate. Please feel free to submit proposals that support all aspects of our role as promoters of English and language arts.


NCTE & AETA value multi-cultural voices and those who advocate for the underrepresented in our classrooms and in our profession. Please check one of the Rainbow Themes from the established caucuses of NCTE below if you feel your presentation addresses one of the groups below.


  • Black & Latinx Caucus
  • American Indian Caucus
  • Asian/Asian American Caucus
  • Jewish Caucus
  • Other: ______________________


  1. Description.

Concurrent sessions will be held throughout the day on Saturday.  These 50-minute sessions typically present a best practice or engage the audience in a focused presentation and/or discussion of a topic relevant to the theme of the conference. Describe the session in detail in 2-3 paragraphs in which you provide explanation of background to and identification of the topic, its relevance to the conference theme, methods and materials to be used, including audience participation.


  1. Abstract.

Give 4-5 lines of description to appear in the conference program.  Identify the intended audience(s) and area of focus.


  1. Presentation Needs.

Each session meeting room is a mediated classroom (equipped with computer station, audio, video and projection).




Arizona’s English/language arts teachers have much to offer each other!

Please reproduce this call for proposals and distribute among your friends and colleagues.


Send or E-mail your Proposal by May 15, 2018 to:

Brian & Kena Taylor

175 N 1300 W

Pima, AZ 85543


Call for Proposals 2018


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