Central Arizona Writing Project

Invitational Summer Institute for K-University Teachers



The Central Arizona Writing Project (CAWP) is now accepting applications for the 2018 Invitational Summer Institute (ISI). This important professional development opportunity will take place from June 4 to June 15, Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 12:00pm on the ASU Tempe Campus.  K-College educators who are residents of the state of Arizona are eligible to apply for the CAWP ISI.  Each teacher invited to participate in the Invitational Summer Instituted will join a national professional development network of teachers in the National Writing Project, prepare a professional piece of writing, share and receive expertise and receive professional books and resources on the teaching of writing.


BACKGROUND: The Invitational Summer Institute provides a dynamic environment for a diverse group of educators to examine their roles as writers, teachers and leaders. The theory and practice of teaching writing are examined through individual demonstrations, readings and discussion of current research, and writing and responding in peer groups. CAWP is a National Writing Project site dedicated to the improvement of student learning through the effective teaching of writing. With more than 40 years of success, the National Writing Project has demonstrated that the best teachers of teachers are other teachers, that contemporary rhetoric and composition studies have practical value for writing teachers at all levels, that writing promotes learning in all areas of the curriculum, and that teachers who are writers themselves are the most effective writing teachers. Our aim is for teachers to come away from the Institute with a renewed excitement about and commitment to writing and the teaching of writing.


APPLICATION PROCESS: By March 23, 2018, please complete the attached CAWP ISI application and personal statement. Completed applications should be sent via email to Tina.Norgren@asu.edu or by USPS to: Arizona State University; Att: Tina Norgren, CAWP; Department of English; PO Box 871401; Tempe, AZ 85287-1401.  Please use this link to the CAWP Website https://english.clas.asu.edu/cawp


Applications will be reviewed by a committee of CAWP teachers representing various regions and educational levels. CAWP especially seeks to recruit teachers with special expertise and experience in teaching English language learners and students from diverse and academically marginalized populations.


SCHOLARSHIPS: With funding support from the National Writing Project, twelve Summer 2018 participants will be eligible to receive $400 stipends after completing the two-week ISI. Scholarships are competitive, so apply ASAP.


DO YOU WANT TO RECEIVE GRADUATE COURSE CREDIT?: Teachers who want to receive graduate or non-degree credit must pay to register a minimum of 1 course credit at a cost of $1019.00. They may choose to pay and earn up to 3 credits for ENG 594: Central Arizona Writing Project through Arizona State University’s Department of English. Teachers who select this option, will also receive a $400.00 stipend after completing the course (this stipend is provided through funding from the National Writing Project). Please contact Tina Norgren for details on how to register for this course (Tina.Norgren@asu.edu). Register and pay for the CAWP ISI once you have been accepted:




ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS: Please call the Central Arizona Writing Project office at 480-965-3224.


 CAWP 2018 appJE


AETA Conference Highlights

Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard to make the AETA 2017 Annual Conference a success.

Executive Secretary Wendy Williams and AETA President Renee Rude

Some awards that were given out at the conference:

Congratulations to Adriana Toles who won MS Teacher of Excellence!

Adriana Toles

AETA also honored Sharon Fagan and Bill Guerriero with the Friends of AETA award.

Tim Ramsey won in all 3 categories for Teachers As Writers. Adriana Toles won for MS Teacher of Excellence and we honored Sharon Fagan and Bill Guerriero with Friends of AETA.